Invest in a Better Habitat

Food Plot Trees are the best long term method to manage your land for game

  1. Improves the habitat and increases the carrying capacity of your land.
  2. Deer and game follow the food – food plots are a magnet.
  3. Deer and game learn to find food in same place each year.
  4. Nut and fruit mast crops provide excellent nutrition for game.
  5. Trees will bear crops for 50-100 years or more, with no replanting.
  6. Multiple fruit and nut mast crops provide food over a longer season.
  7. Prevents the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease that may occur from the use of baits and feed stations (and is not allowed by some states).

Planting Food Plot Trees

  1. Can be accomplished at relatively low cost per acre.
  2. Has no annual expense for tilling the soil, machinery for cultivation and planting, or hauling machinery to the property.  
  3. Can be planted in more sites than annual food plots because of adaptability to different slopes, soil types, and locations.

Invest in the Future

  1. Planting trees for game and wildlife is an excellent way to rebuild the native forest after it has been logged.
  2. Planting chestnut trees brings back the heritage of America’s original native hardwood forests.
  3. Your children, their children and many generations of wildlife will reap the benefits of your replanting the forests.
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