Grow where you’ve planted. Enrich your land for generations.

At Chestnut Hill Outdoors, we believe there is a strong connection between home and contentment, and that dirt, sweat, and sunshine are the best medicine. In the words of Wendell Berry, what we stand for is what we stand on. There is real joy to be found in the simple act of planting a tree.

Through years of research we have developed a specialized program providing complete nutrition for deer and wildlife. Our mission is to provide the tools and knowledge for our customers to enrich the land that sustains you.

We want to help you grow where you’ve planted. To enhance the land and cultivate a rich habitat for wildlife. To leave something good for the grandkids. To have a place from which you can stand steady and admire the fruits of your labor. We’re here to help you put down roots, to grow strong, to grow home.

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