4 Tree Chestnut Package


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If you are located in USDA Zones 7-5 (Central and Northern States) your order will be placed as bare root and dormant Spring 2021 shipping. Zones 8-9 (Southern States) may be placed as containerized Fall 2020 shipping. Click here for Shipping Information.

Save money by buying a pre-bundled package. This is the perfect starter kit containing everything you need to start your food plot today. Along with our signature Dunstan Chestnuts, our package include Grow Tubes, Weed Mats, Bamboo Stakes. Tree packages are discounted compared to buying individually!


Dunstan Chestnut x 4
Grow Tubes (4') x 4
Bamboo Stakes (4') x 4
Weed Mats (4') x 4

At Chestnut Hill Outdoors, we’ve been shipping mail order trees for over 30 years. We’re experts at delivering healthy trees to your doorstep. All of our trees are container grown in root-enhancing pots, ensuring healthy root systems and much better success upon planting. 

  • Dunstan Chestnut: 18 – 36 inches shipped

Spring: All trees are shipped bare-root.
Fall: All trees are shipped in containers.

Size shipped: 18 – 36 inches

For more information, visit our Ordering & Shipping Page.

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